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Format: Journal and IM (greatestjournal, AIM and Y!M both used)
Genre: Harry Potter 6th year
Name: Aparecium Journaux
Contact: Libby- (AIM: geekofyerdreams) or hpamod@gmail.com
Website: http://www.greatestjournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=hp_aparecium
Minimum Age Requirement: 17 (for mature plot)
Deadline: none
Characters Available: Character List There are plenty still open. Really need students and Death Eaters.
Notes: We're going through a re-vamp. The group we way have right now are excellent RPers, really active, and extremely friendly. If you're tired of having RPs die like we do, then join us. OC's allowed within reason, major Mary Sues are prodded with sporks and burned for feasts. OC's must already have a detailed and well developed background.
Specific Requirements: none specifically, contact the mods for more details.
Game Description: Set in the Trio's 6th year. After the break-in at the Ministry, the wizarding community is beginning to open their eyes. Lord Voldemort's return is accepted by more, but still denied by many, and no one wishes to believe that they're on the brink of war. As another measure to strengthen inter-house relationships, Dumbledore has required all students to purchase personal journals. A new item carried at Flourish & Blotts. These books are jinxed to allow people with similar journals to communicate to each other without having to be in the presence of one another. A special spell has been placed allowing only students from Hogwarts to see other students journals. Anyone outside of Hogwarts, non-family related have a choice as to who see their journals. This year will be filled with Quidditch, Balls, and the occasional planned Death Eater attack. Characters will die, relationships will bloom and wilt, and the students will be forced to pick sides as the dawn of the war approaches.

First Post: Rules and such...

So today NeedHPHelp was born. Woo! go us. To see the birth of a community... see here

The moderators here are:

If you have any questions just ask us. Now to get down to business the rules:

.+. No bashing someone for their liking of pairings, slash/hetro, and weirdness.
We're a very friendly community with at least one thing in common, the Harry Potter fandom. We're all unique individuals. I don't think I need to preach the kindergarten speech. Let's just use our common sense around here :)

.+. You must be at least 15 to join.
The reason for this being, we ARE a slash friendly community. We do ask however that if you post something NC-17, to put it behind an LJ cut and post a warning in the subject line. That way people who aren't into that sort of thing, don't have to view it. Such as this, it's your own responsibility if you click on something. If you click and you don't like it, well then, who's fault is that? That's why LJ cutting can help keep the calm. If you don't know how, just ask :)

.+. Have fun.
Don't be afraid to post about something cause you think someone will think you're stupid. We're all dorks and geeks here, this is supposed to be a friendly enviroment for us all.

And as a birthday present for the community I post the first funny stuff (chances are you've probably seen them, if not then yay! here ya go!)...

SNL Skit with Lindsay Lohan (Requires Quicktime)

VH1 Best Summer Ever (Windows Media) PG-13

Snape is too Sexy (Macromedia Flash)
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