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The Oddballs of the HP Community

Need H.E.L.P.?

Oddballs of the HP Fandom
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What is H.E.L.P. you ask? Well one night not too long ago, two really odd Harry Potter fans were bored. Being insomniacs and used to bouts of oddness, they decided to see what kind of fan fiction was out there on the world wide web. What they came across, shocked them! A rather large abundance of odd relationship pairings. Smut, you might say. The most prominent type of pairing? House Elf/Main characters. Thus H.E.L.P. (House Elf Liberated Porn) was born. After finally calming down after the bits of laughter, the two fans began telling their friends about their new acronym. Then one night, the idea of a new community came into light. A place where Harry Potter fans on the insomniac, crazy, liberal, interesting side could unite and share funny moments from the HP fandom. This is that place.

This isn't just for H.E.L.P., this community welcomes all HP fans who are openminded and looking to interact with other amusing fans for a good laugh. Things such as, but not limited to: Potter Puppet Pals, POA in 15 Minutes, and The lovely Mugglenet's Caption Contest. If these type of things tickle your fancy, then you my friend are in the right place.

We are slash friendly, so no gay bashing. It's not nice. Other than that, if you're interested in joing then click "join community" and we'll add ya into our circle :)
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